New Publications!

Congratulations to Deirdre Baker on the publication of Becca Fair and Foul (Groundwood Books). Deirdre was a presenter at the 2016 CLNE Symposium.

A new Boggart book from Susan Cooper! The Boggart Strikes Back is the latest book in the series ( Margaret K. McElderry Books).

Kudos to Sarah Ellis on the publication of Ben and the Scaredy-Dog, illustrated by Kim LaFave (Pajama Press). Sarah is a former CLNE board member and frequent presenter at CLNE symposia.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Partridge, former CLNE board member and presenter at CLNE symposia, on the publication of Boots on the Ground: America’s War in Vietnam (Viking Books for Young Readers).

Kudos to Leda Schubert, presenter at the 2016 CLNE Symposium, on the publication of Trailblazer: The Story of Ballerina Raven Wilkinson, illustrated by Theodore Taylor lll (little bee books)

Congratulations to Tim Wynne-Jones on the publication of The Ruinous Sweep (Candlewick). Wynne-Jones is a frequent participant and has been a speaker at CLNE symposia.

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